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This $500 scholarship is for undergraduate students at UNC Charlotte, who in the view of the Philosophy Department Faculty, has evidenced outstanding achievement in Philosophy while a student at UNC Charlotte. Philosophy department  will consider nominees for the prize each Spring, but my in any given year decline to award the prize. Indications of distinction in particular cases might include (among others) the candidate's overall performance in philosophy courses and related areas, specific papers or presentations on philosophical topics, the breadth and coherence of the candidate's philosophical interests and studies, and indications of promise of significant contributions to issues or areas of philosophical concern. Primary consideration in the selection process will typically be given to those nominees who are junior or senior philosophy majors and who have done the bulk of the college work at UNC Charlotte. Previous winners of the prize may not be renominated, but previous nominees may be renominated. Nominations are submitted by Philosophy department faculty.


 Cyrus M. Johnson Sr. Scholarship for Peace and Social Justice!



This $1000 scholarship is for majors or minors in philosophy who are seniors and graduate students who have completed at least four courses. Please review the criteria below:

 Dr. Cyrus M. Johnson, Sr. Scholarship for Peace and Social Justice

 The recipient of the Dr. Cyrus M. Johnson, Sr. Scholarship for Peace and Social Justice should be an undergraduate or graduate student in Philosophy at UNC Charlotte who is pursuing studies in the area of peace and social justice, have financial need, and must be making satisfactory progress toward a degree.  The Chair of the Department of Philosophy will form a committee comprising at least three faculty members working on issues of peace and social justice, or who are otherwise qualified to judge student work and interests in these areas.  The committee will make the final decision about which undergraduate or graduate student is best suited for this scholarship in each semester that funding is available.  Dr. Johnson led a lifetime of activism in peace and social justice and served as an inspiration to all.  His diligence, dedication, passion, and action made a difference in the lives of countless people.  This annual $1,000 scholarship provides for peace studies to continue in his honor.  If no students meet the criteria and no award is made in any given semester, the funds may be held and awarded the following semester.

 The committee will evaluate applicants based on the following:

  • Demonstrated interest in peace and social justice, broadly construed, including appropriate coursework in these areas
  • Major or minor in Philosophy
  • Undergraduate students: Juniors or Seniors with a GPA of 2.5 or higher in philosophy, thereby demonstrating satisfactory progress in their studies
  • Graduate Students: at least four courses completed, with a GPA of 3.0 or higher in philosophy, thereby demonstrating satisfactory progress in their studies
  • A letter of interest explaining the student’s qualifications for this scholarship, focusing especially on student’s interest and work in peace and social justice
  • An essay (e.g., from a class) on a peace/social justice topic that demonstrates the student’s best work in this area
  • Financial need, as defined by the national standards used by the UNC Charlotte Office of Financial Aid (student will need to have submitted a FAFSA worksheet).