Each year the department hosts a Graduate Recruitment of Underrepresented Philosophers (GROUP) event: a one-day, expense-paid workshop for up to ten promising prospective M.A. students in philosophy from traditionally underrepresented groups (such as women, LGBTQ and gender non-conforming people, people from economically disadvantaged communities, people with disabilities, and people of color of people racialized as nonwhite, including Chicanx and Latinx, Indigenous people, Pacific Islanders, people of African descent, and people of Asian descent). GROUP is designed to increase the diversity of the academic pipeline in the discipline, particularly at UNC Charlotte, by recruiting a diverse group of undergraduates to the philosophy department’s M.A. program in Ethics and Applied Philosophy. We are committed to diversifying the discipline because of the philosophical importance of different standpoints and experiences for investigating and creating knowledge.

This year's workshop will be held on November 7, 2018. Students will be exposed to the life of philosophy in the department by attending a philosophy colloquium (featuring guest speaker Dr. Kim Hall of Appalachian State University), a philosophy graduate seminar, and a graduate program application workshop; speaking with graduate students and faculty; and investigating more generally what it means to pursue a graduate degree in Philosophy at UNC Charlotte. The program blends the scholarly with the practical, workshopping the application process with prospective students and answering questions they have about how to create as strong an application to our program as possible. We also help advise students on how to create a strong application to philosophy graduate programs in general, including Ph.D. programs.

We welcome applications from underrepresented students who have shown promise in philosophy or related fields and who are considering applying to graduate school in philosophy for Spring 2019 or 2019–20. The application is simple and includes (1) a brief letter of nomination from a faculty member familiar with the student’s philosophical work (email is acceptable); and (2) a one-page double-spaced statement of interest from the student (email is acceptable). Both items should be sent electronically to Dr. Shannon Sullivan. To ensure full consideration, both letters should be received by October 7, 2018. Please let us know if you need additional time. Accepted students will be provided up to $200 to cover travel, lodging, and other expenses, as needed.