Degree Requirements

The Program now offers both a Certificate in Applied Ethics, which requires the completion of 15 credits and a Master of Arts in Ethics and Applied Philosophy, which requires the completion of 30 credits of graduate course work in philosophy. For detailed information on the coursework distribution, please visit the following pages:


Admission to Candidacy Requirements

An Admission to Candidacy form is to be filed upon the completion of 9 hours of course work for the Graduate Certificate and 24 hours of course work for the M.A.


Transfer Credit

Up to 6 hours earned from other accredited institutions may be eligible for transfer credit. Formal approval must be obtained from the director of graduate studies and the Dean of the Graduate School.


Language Requirement

Although students are not required to demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language as a formal requirement of the program, they are expected to acquire competency in and use whatever languages they need to pursue their research interests.


Application for Degree

The Application for Degree is submitted on the form supplied by the Graduate school no later than the deadline specified in the University calendar.